26th June 2016
A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I paid our first ever visit to the Farne Islands. What an incredible place this is, and before the boat had even stopped at the first of the islands, the sights, sounds and of course the smell were an overload on the senses.
We first visited the Atlantic Grey Seal colony and the boat was surrounded by curious Seals bobbing up and down, then as we approached the islands seabirds were swimming and flying past, wings whirring away as they carried beaks full of sand eels back to their hungry babies.
On Inner Farne we were attacked by protective Terns as we walked past their nests, which were right next to, and sometimes on, the wooden pathway around the island. Puffins came ashore with sand eels and had to run the gauntlet of gulls trying to pinch the food from them. Shags, so beautiful up close with their green eyes, sat on eggs or tended fluffy youngsters.
The light was very flat on the day, so wasn't ideal for photography, but please take a look at my Latest Images Gallery.